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NITAQAT Inclusion

Clients who commit to a one year contract will be able to count the outsourced Candidate in their own company Nitaqat. TAHEED will coordinate with TAKAMOL to collect and verify data then ensure proper reflection in the Client's NITAQAT.

Performance Management

The Client can report performance issues like tardiness, absence, or other violations to the TAHEED HR team to take necessary actions as per the labor law regulations.


TAHEED has a specialized consulting Team to assist Clients in building on the Job Training programs.

Account Management

TAHEED will assign an Account Manager for every candidate. The Account Manager will play a key role in monitoring the performance of and facilitating regular feedback that will be used to maintain and improve service levels.


TAHEED implements a strong, accurate, and agile recruitment proess. Our process evaluates candidates based on their career preference, competency levels, and experience.


TAHEED Manages all training activities with Training providers according to each program requirements. TAHEED support Clients in implementing on the job training activities..


TAHEED process monthly payroll and handles all HR related services like GOSI and Medical Insurance.


To request TAHEED services, please submit a request Here.